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History of Kunefe

The historical journey of künefe, which we have started to consume quite often in recent years, is quite interesting. But did you know that this delicious dessert has been made since the 10th century?

It is a dessert that belongs to the city of Nablus, located in the Palestinian territories.

The künefe in the works of the period; It is known that a kind of dough resembling today's kadayif is fried by adding an unsalted cheese made by cutting raw milk into it. This cheese is also obtained from the milk of sheep raised in the city of Nablus and its consistency is quite dense. In the sources, this cheese is referred to as Nalbusi Cheese.

When we examine the history of künefe, we see that it spread very quickly in the Middle East. Due to our constant interaction with Arab societies during the Ottoman period, this dessert, which was consumed very often by Arabs, started to make a name for itself in Anatolia in a short time.

The fact that this dessert, which is mentioned as Kanefeh or Kunefah in Arabic couplets, is mentioned together with our cities such as Hatay, Mersin and Gaziantep today can be explained by the high number of people of Arab origin living in these cities. The Anatolian people's fondness for pastries, sugar and cheese is one of the factors that led to the adoption of this dessert.

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